International boxART Artists

Presenting boxART Champions

Presenting the best artists from around the globe as they experiment a new form of art called boxART. This is a parcel received back from a boxART contributor from overseas.

The Plan

In the next few months, we shall present the artists' who have kindly donated their effort to making boxART the latest on-line global phenomenon. Shown are the four panels of tissue-model boxART by an International boxART artist from France.

Their work on boxART

BNDTC chooses these artists based on one criteria only: Kindness. Shown are the four panels that have been dovetailed and ready to be joined.

boxART is not their primary work

The artists represented here are visual artists who extend their work into boxART. They are special because they believe in the development of art to make it accessible and practical. Shown is the clamping process: quality wood adhesive is used to ensure precise and lasting joints. There are no nails and the bond creates a structurally-stable product.

What we can expect?

A short profile of the artist is presented together with samples of their major work. A link is provided for you to contact them directly. Shown here are the excess tails that must be trimmed and sanded. Utmost care is taken to keep the original prints from being damaged.

Display their FAQs

All enquiries regarding boxART International Artists are welcome. Please use the form at the beginning of this website and I shall respond promptly. Shown are some of the last few steps in the process before a base is fixed and final quality inspection of finish is executed.

A stark simplicity of colours and forms

Emilie Briens

Born 1958 in Interactives, France, Emilie is drawn to forms and colours that are simple and pure. "I listen to my little girl's heart," she once told me. Emilie attracted me first to her hand-drawn prints that emphasized white spaces. Her drawings exuded an air of carefree abandonment, a spirit of cadence, and a love for the black ink that appears out of nowhere and suddenly leaves a mark. When I first approached her to draw on my boxes, she was incredulous. She hadn't heard of boxART before so I persuaded her to try. In her first attempt at drawing on art-ready BNDTC wood panels, she succeeded to replicate her spirit of innocence. The three characters in her composition flow from one face of the box to another. There are a lot of stories to these characters and one day I hope to write about them on a sunny afternoon on the way to Church. With this contribution, Emilie becomes the first boxART artist from France and is deservedly France's first boxART Champion. Emilie tells me she would like to appear on this page again with more of her work. Hope to see you again Emilie.

BNDTC Certification

Emilie's work is signed and certified by BNDTC as boxART. It can be found in the Permanent Collection of the world's first children's boxART art gallery.

Coming soon

Prints and paintings shall be posted here so you can contact Emilie directly for direct sales.

Gloria Keh: The Splendour of Chromes

From Singapore, comes our new boxART Champion whose work of incredible chromatic depth relieves the most painful of Souls. Gloria's legendary contribution to charity is her trademark. Enjoy!

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