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BNDTC's mission is to make craft and art accessible.

Why we exist?


How do you make a simple concept simpler?

Make it more beautiful because there are no limits to beauty.

Think beyond the obvious


 The easiest way to understand this project is to refer to the popular cliché, “think out of a box”. 

It takes effort to think “out of the box” which is another way of trying to think differently. 

The fact remains that to do this, you need a box first. 

The box therefore is a reality. It signals the start of the process of thinking. 

BNDTC was conceived from the fundamental “box” that gave way to other ideas (“out of the box”). 

One of the ideas was to marry craft and tradition to modern concepts of expression. 

A box is only a box when it is functional and purposeful. But to further develop this basic construct, and create beauty, we need to enhance the box’s feature. Thus, the birth of BNDTC. 

BNDTC is a concept that carries on the tradition of craft and expresses it in a different way; which is one way of meeting the goal of “thinking out of a box”. 

We hope you find this simple concept interesting. If you do, please support the project by purchasing my product. 

Support us!


Thank you for your support and patronage. Please enjoin others to view this concept online at http://benniledesignerbox.com 

Have a great day! 



The playground


I seek purpose in life through Nature. I love wood and the prospect of weaving it into a product that I admire. When you love what you do, you live. When you live and people appreciate what you do, then it is a gift to my Soul.

The style


Sharing life's beautiful moments with like-minded people are some of my life's highlights. A wood is already perfect. Imperfection is the philosophical realm of our existence. In a way, we toy with our lives through the things we play with.

The craftsperson


I am a mere speck in a sand landscape that is what we call a beach. When sand meets the ocean, it is lost. But when sand tries to hold on to beach, it makes its presence.

BNDTC Statement of Intent

A Good Heart is the Core


Our corporate intent is to produce simple designs to the public using traditional methods of craftspersonship. We do not distinguish art as in wealth creation against art as in individual's intrinsic right to express for a good purpose. We always stress on the goodness of the heart.

Reality is flesh and spirit


When we design a product, we incorporate the transcendent and the real through a vision called #boxART. We produce boxes that are easily used as storage things or as exhibits of human ingenuity. Truly, our products are basic. What occurs after this discovery of primordial instinct, is exclusively, your imagination. This is the beauty of our concept: that a thing of beauty far exceeds our expectation of beauty. Beauty, to us, is imagination and surprise. We just don't know how to apprehend it, until it, beauty, comprehends us.

Your participation is BNDTC's existence


We aren't merely flesh and blood. We are real entities that live and breathe on food, water, air, and your participation possessing the same wants, wishes and desires, just like our neighbours, community, friends. and strangers. As such, we echo what Theodore Roosevelt once said:

"There are two kinds of success.

One is the very rare kind that comes to the man who has the power to do what no one else has the power to do.

That is genius.

But the average man who wins what we call success is not a genius. He is a man who has merely the ordinary qualities that he shares with his fellows, but who has developed these ordinary qualities to a more than ordinary degree."

Inside Look

Why buy a simple box?


BNDTC’s design philosophy is simple. If it isn't simple, then it isn't a rationale for something simple, like a box.

BNDT's boxes are unique creations. For example, they are all handmade by one person who creates himself as he creates his design.

He always starts with a blank piece of wood.

As he crafts the wood, the design takes shape. Sort of a form, no character yet, but quite imminent.

Something is turning out as he works the wood.

Emotions set in. Then the results begin to appear. Slowly.

Each of the four sides feature an individual character.

None of the sides are symmetrical; their dimensions vary.

The flat bottom is also not exactly flat nor being their widths the same across all boxes.

The dovetail joints are not uniform but in most cases, the joints are precise.

The varnish finish can be in different textures and appearance and reflect the conditioning process.

Many of the initial designs feature scraps that were recycled.

In all instances, the design process involved an element of juxtaposed creativity: at each point of the manufacturing process, careful thought was rigorously implemented to elevate the intrinsic and structural beauty of wood; to render wood as a craftsperson would like the wood to appear in its final form – functional, purposeful and beautiful.

There you are. The person produces a product called a BNDTC box.

What makes a box special?


Nobody really notices a box.

So what makes it so special?

You can easily get a box from somewhere.

A box is special because it is a box. We always say, "can you get me a box of chocolates, dear?" That says a lot about the request. If only a box isn't as plain life would be like a box of chocolates. Special.

A box becomes special because it is so plain everyone takes it for granted. But did we ever think about how chocolates would look like without the wrapping (the box, sotospeak)?

My idea of a box is the impression. If a box is plain, then it becomes a plain box. If it is decorated, then it becomes decorative. But what if a box carries you underground and plainly lowered as you were wished the last rites? It would be a plain ceremony. But what if the box were designed in such a way that it was a punk box? Possibly honouring the life of the deceased who loved punk?

It would be a special box.

I made the boxes knowing that one day my remains would be contained in a box. I liked to imagine that if it were ashes, someone would push my specially decorated box into the ocean; gently.

The winds would serenade death as much as life.

The box is a function of life. Without it, life would be plain.


How do I order a BNDTC box?


BNDTC's products include through dovetail boxes; the ones currently advertised.

So, how do you place an order for such a box?

BNDTC's selling policy is covered in its long term strategic marketing plan.

The policy states that BNDTC's boxes must be inspected first before any transaction occurs.

As such, BNDTC's boxes are available at a showroom.

To locate the showroom, buyer/buyers or party/parties should send an inquiry to:


BNDTC takes privacy and security seriously as it cannot compromise on safety, quality  and satisfaction. 

The Concept of Beauty


Nowhere is the meaning as elusive and as mysterious as the concept itself.

Beauty belies our expectation of the word, the term, and the expression itself.

Given language, culture, context and popular trends, beauty can only be defined by the existence of itself: We apprehend beauty when we sense it. In other words, it is transcendental and most certainly cannot be coincidental.

Beauty is lifeless until it is given life. Beauty is beautiful because it is mysterious. We cannot comprehend beauty until we experience it.

The installation of my pieces would gather steam as I progress with the project. It takes hard work to produce one box. But I aim to make myself a liberated person when I make those boxes.

The boxes that I create is one aspect of beauty. I cannot comprehend beauty until I apprehend it. But when I do, beauty arrests me and I experience it.

But beauty is not fleeting nor synonymous like ungrasplike. Beauty is real and is simple to see with our faculties of judgement and discernment.

In other words, we see beauty either as ordinary or extraordinary. It all depends on the person’s intellect: if they see beauty, they see it as their beauty. Beauty thus becomes a personal definition of life.

To be able to sense beauty, I believe, we must be able to discriminate from ordinary forms and extraordinary forms. It requires taste that is honed from a disciplined form of intelligence.

Perhaps, one of the best meanings of beauty for this project stems from an inspiration I gather from a book called “Wabi Sabi and Suki” with the subtitle, “The Essence of Japanese Beauty”. In it, the main author, Itoh Teiji, discusses about the relevance of Japanese beauty in art and culture and how, they have affected the meaning of beauty all around us, especially in Japan.

I am just taking the first line of a comprehensive explanation of each of the three terms of Japanese principles of beauty from the book:

Wabi: Tranquil Simplicity

The refined and elegant simplicity achieved by bringing out the natural colours, forms, and textures, inherent in materials such as wood, straw, bamboo, clay, and stone, as well as in artefacts crafted from them like earthenware, tile, handmade paper, and lacquerware, and in textile fibres like hemp, cotton, or silk – this is the core of wabi.

Sabi: Patina of Age

Beauty that transcends the passage of time is sabi, echoing the original meaning of the word rust or patina.

Suki: Subtle Elegance

Originally expressing attraction, fascination and curiosity, suki is aesthetic adventure beyond conventional standards, delight in the unusual, curious or idiosyncratic.


The elephant and the box


One day, Sherifa was musing. She was asking herself why she was so big that when she walked the forest, she sometimes broke branches of trees.

It made her sad. She loved eating leaves from the trees. She had her favourite picks. Some of her favourites came from bushes, not trees but she preferred bushes because it was easy to use her long trunk to select the best leaves from a low bush instead of a high tree branch.

She thought again.

Why if she was so big, people liked to poke fun at her?

Was it because she was gentle and slow? Was it because she seemed to have a friendly face?

The thoughts bothered her because one day she met a nice girl who was reading her a book.

She loved the idea of girls reading books to her. She knew she couldn’t write like that little girl but she also knew that it was fun being read to.

It was like they had a connection.

The girl read her a book and she was pleasured into hearing her words.

It was to Sherifa: “Absolutely fantastic!”

She missed being read to. She also missed being read at because one day, she met a ringleader of a circus and all he did was read something out of a book quite coldly toward her.

She didn’t know what it meant until he started to touch her with a stick. She didn’t feel anything because she had thick skins and it didn’t really bother her. But when he started to poke harder, she began to feel something and she guessed it must be his way of telling her to move.

Which she did.

At this point, her eyes started to quiver. She blinked as if she wanted to forget that experience. As soon as this happened, she started thinking again. Back to the little girl whom she considered to be sweet because she was so kind to read her a book.

Then she jolted: “Aha! I remember now, I saw myself in the book she was reading”, she said to herself.

Sherifa saw herself balancing on a ball. It all seemed so easy so she began asking herself again, this time with no holds. She asked herself how did she get on to the ball and how was it even possible? The best performance that she did at the circus was to rise on two legs at which she heard thunderous applause from the crowds.

Could it be possible for a huge animal like her to balance herself on the ball? What kind of ball would that be and how do you get trained to balance like that?

She started to think hard. What if it was all make believe: that the artist wanted to make elephants animals that humans can toy with? It must take a lot of imagination to be able to make an elephant stand and balance on a big ball. And, oh boy! It must be a BIG ball.

The next thing she remembered was walking on dead branches. They cracked as she walked on them.

Finally, she began to think about her latest experience: the very thing that got her started thinking and musing and remembering. She was asked to balance herself on 66 delicately designed boxes.

She was surprised and shocked at the same time. She started to think back about the book, about the girl, about the ringmaster, and about her size.

Perhaps, she told herself, if I could gently balance myself on 66 of these boxes, that people would see me as I am: A beautiful animal that also loves cute boxes and can be gentle at the same time.

The winds were gathering speed and the leaves rustled and the branches swayed.

She felt it was about time to move on. Besides, she was beginning to feel hungry and she knew her favourite spot to curl her trunk to taste those lovely leaves.

The Art of Gifting


Greetings, I am Ben Nile from BNDTC.

Christmas might seem a long way from today but it will come and it will give you another opportunity to gift someone you care or love with a difference.

Like a BNDTC box to present your Christmas gifts? And, why not?

I shall tell you why.

First, BNDTC’s boxes are unique creations that carry on the tradition of craft making: in this case, the tradition of dovetailing technique and adding modern design impressions.

It harks to the time when craftspeople were making strong joints by hand: each dovetail individually cut by hand.

These days, new techniques in cabinetry and furniture manufacturing have evolved faster ways of carrying on this old technique and introduce a new tradition of jointing excellence: but they are commercially produced to justify costs.

My technique retains distinct natural characteristics in the design of each box thus projecting the box as customised and authentically handmade.

When you acquire a BNDTC box you get these benefits:

1. The box is strong yet light and never symmetrical.

2. The box has four faces of design and each design has unique characteristics.

3. A typical BNDTC box measures 38.5cm by 26cm by 15cm. Dimensions vary for some other boxes.

4. Each box features through dovetail that is precisely joined with the best glue.

5. Most boxes feature a plywood base but some feature recycled materials.

6. Each box is carefully finished to appoint an exterior that is appealing to most people with variations in texture, finish and colour.

7. Subtle design changes in each box accentuate the individual feature of the box.

8. There is only one such box available: once sold, it becomes a Collector’s Item.

9. Each box is stamped with a BNDTC insignia to verify its authenticity.

If you are interested in acquiring one or several of these boxes, please write me at bndtc@outlook.com.

I shall respond with an address so you can view my collection at your convenience.

Thank you for looking. On behalf of BNDTC, I hope you will present your next Christmas gifts IN a BNDTC box.

Make the gifting special!

Have a good and merry season ahead.

Remembering you

Ben Nile


Let Loose Series


The “Let Loose Series” or LLS focuses on the idiosyncrasies that defy human conventions.

One of the human conventions is social adherence. It is commonly called conformance. Conformance means avoidance of a label or cliché. When a label or cliché becomes popular, it becomes a self-legitimizing truth. The process of self-legitimacy then engenders the belief that the truth is universal. It becomes dangerous when this truth gains prominence, becomes trendy and consequently emerges as de facto thus seemingly applied to everything dynamic: people, behaviour, cultures and communities.

The first instalment in my “Let Loose Series” is a simple planter box.

What happens when we pop in one colourful plant in a simple planter box?

It becomes lonely. It needs friends.

What happens when we pop-in more of similar plants?

The first plant has friends and is no longer lonely?

“But is that true?”

We would never know because despite having friends, the first colourful plant, which started a row of friends, doesn’t necessarily mean there is friendship.

Despite this apparent friendship, existent or non-existent, the colourful first little plant, might still be lonely.

The plant might be happy alone.

Or, being left alone?

Or, being reclusive?

Or, anti-social?

Manifestations aren’t necessarily clear.

It certainly cannot be definitive because it is hard to be selective.

A Schrodinger’s Cat maybe?

Might the plant be simply happier on its own?

We would never know what lies in the heart of this plant.

These series celebrate the things that we can’t see.

A work of art is always controversial.

A planter box is daringly simpler.


Update on LLS.

The latest update to our LLS is as follows:

1. Preliminary Statement on the program of LLS and include BNDTC Statement of Intent and Introduction to BNDTC/LLS Nest Collection.

This Nest Collection comes under the theme, DECLUTTER with topical headings under its Sage Series, Red Moon and DREAD.

2. Virtual Callout for International Collaboration through YBA program as first test case.

How to be remembered?


Is it possible with BNDTC?

Sometimes we find it difficult to give because “to give” means that you lose something that you like more than yourself.

How do we resolve this?

I find it simple.

The solution is the thing that we give to give.

Try a BNDTC box.

Your gift is no longer the same.

For example, if we give a mate a gift in a simple long planter box, and she or he houses her or his favourite hobbies, such as plants or clamps, would it make the gift special?

First, your mate would thank you for such a gift?

Secondly, you have an option to put in a gift within a gift.

And, finally, the box itself can be used in so many ways.

One thing is for sure: plants and clamps or whatever that resides in a BNDTC box is now special because you – the giver – shall be remembered for a long time.

Pay Forward – BNDTC’s preferred form of payment


Returning to our primordial origins as humans is the only hope to foster a caring community of like-minded people through a vision of art as a sustainable concept of beauty ~ Ben Nile in Young Budding Artists, #YBA.


Pay Forward is a concept that allows patrons and customers to make a payment for goods and services at point-of-sale via popular currency that is better described as prepayment because it incorporates elements of sponsorship, contribution, philanthropy, charity and investment.


One way to describe existence is a measurement between two points: Point A and Point B. When you reach Point B, there isn't Point C.
We expire because of three reasons only: sickness, killed or accident.
It is therefore expected and not, unexpected.
In recognition of this fact, I, therefore, propose that I accept payment only if you Pay Forward.

What is Pay Forward?

Pay Forward is simply the recognition that in the whole scheme of things, our lives are, perspectively brief. In other words, we can't expect to last permanently. With this view comes the realization that we should like to see any project to last way after we ceased to exist so people can benefit.
For people to benefit long after we are gone, the project must prove itself to be viable first, then sustainable second, and finally profitable for it to grow so everyone benefits.
But first, a payment arrangement needs to be initiated to achieve any or all of the project's goals.
The first order of business is simply: How do we get paid for the products that we produced?
A simple answer is that we get paid when you Pay Forward. Pay Forward isn't a currency because it is more than a denomination, it is, in fact, a concept.
The concept states that when you Pay Forward, you ensure that this project pays for itself first and then pays for itself multiple times so other people in the future can benefit.
It is a form of prepayment: Pay for today and pay for tomorrow in one go.
The main feature of Pay Forward is its built-in mechanism that allows for multiple payments at the same time. Thus, it incorporates elements of economics and philanthropy.
Let us take a real example for illustration.
I plan to produce ready-made boxes that are not stained or varnished for schools. I will regularly send and collect these boxes when they are complete. Complete means that the illustrated boxes are complete and the next step would be to varnish them before we called them finished. Incomplete on the other hand means that the boxes are semi-finished.
To enable me to produce these incomplete, yet ready-made boxes, I shall need your support. To get your support, I introduce the Pay Forward concept.
Pay Forward enables me to produce these boxes for schools to nominate their best students who have the potential to display their creativity.
I merely provide schools with a wooden canvas for them to illustrate their creativity.
Displayed on my website, benniledesignerbox.com, these illustrated boxes are captioned to include credits attributed to the artist and school participating in the project.
The student's work is displayed online for everybody to see, so the general intent here is for the student's work to encourage her or his peers to develop an interest in art.
Furthermore, the student-artist should feel empowered to develop her or his talent.
The ambition of this project, therefore, is to highlight the work of such student-artists so that she or he understands that she/he has the potential to become a professional visual artist. As such, this project is appropriately called Young Budding Artist or YBA.
As pioneer for this new project, BNDTC aims to foster the love of art through the provision of wooden canvas on a regular and sustainable basis.
Your Pay Forward contributes toward making YBA a practical reality and a living legacy.


We invite you to become part of this project by accepting the Pay Forward concept as a method of payment for my products.
With your support, the YBA will not only become sustainable but will also position the young budding artist on her or his path to become a professional visual artist in the future.
Your decision to Pay Forward ensures that the many new and young artists are spotted while they are in high school. By participating in this payment program,  you ensure that budding new, and talented young artists get the best opportunity to rekindle their talents when they move into tertiary education simply because they made a decision to participate and contribute their work to this project.
The basic idea of nurturing the potential of sketching, drawing, painting and illustrating on a wooden canvas that is a box, is a suitable vehicle for individual expression at an age where creativity is at its most premium time.
The imminent potential for capturing and recording these works of arts at the most precious time of a student's life is immense: we can expect that this project can set a precedent for a national registry of young artists whose work are documented visually on BNDTC's boxes.
Hopefully, with your patronage and support, this project will endure. If you are interested to know more about Pay Forward, please request a Pay Forward information sheet at your next Showroom visit.
Thank you for your support.

Forward with art education, yours earthly
Ben Nile

BNDTC Open To Public Day


Thanks to each participant, we had a quiet and gentle #BNDTC Open To Public Day event on a becoming-fine winter's day.

Special thanks to Hidaya, Esther and Mark who volunteered for some tasks such as customer service and bookkeeping.

Notable thanks that warmed everyone's heart was a surprise visit from Mayor Cr Sophie Ramsey of the City of Melton who was also kind enough to contribute our first funding for Budding Young Artist project. (See #BYA on Twitter).

She also entered our first entry as prepayment using our #PayForward concept.

Thank you again to everybody for making this a memorable event.

#BNDTC will open now every Saturdays and Wednesdays at our regular times of 0900-1530hrs.

The curious thing about art


I was never an art aficionado. But I knew when I was young; I could draw very well.

Perhaps, it had something to do about my acculturation.

When you grow up in a society which tells you rather pointedly what is wrong and what is right, art falls through the cracks.

It could never pass the standards of societal norms. Especially when it concerns beliefs.

Art was, to some people, a prohibited area. It posited taboos on the subject. 

For example, when statues show form -- an art element -- in the form of nudes, this was disconcerting to many people in my culture who felt that nudity is against some cultural and religious norms.

They felt that according to the scriptures, this was scandalous, and quite certainly sinful.

So, for a long time, I bypassed art because according to my understanding, and later when I actually delved into the world of knowledge classifications, this subject was considered controversial.

Until I was thrown into the cauldron of art.

Literally, I landed into one of the world's best and finely catalogued collection of art.

I mean, who knows?

An art illiterate finding himself in the company of a $600 million painting for him to study and then admire all day long?

This was the beginning of my initiation into art: more specifically, into the real world of art.

To me, it was raw!

It was also exciting.

We shaln't go into the re-acculturation process, about the beginnings of my gradual initiation of art to be appreciated as a common form of expression.

It is enough to confess that art, is indeed, a subject that grows into you once you adopt an open mind.

So, what about the Young Budding Artist project?

Quite simply, Young Budding Artist (#YBA  or #BYA on Twitter) is a personal statement of my desire to give back to humanity what humanity didn't give to me.

Or to put it starkly: What I missed out on the human experience.

Unfortunate? On the contrary no. Given that quantum physics has posed challenges to philosophers, we are now beginning to ask, theoretically, whether time as scientific evidence, is mathematically even possible.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Let's get back on track.

As an ordinary mortal, it is, in a way, a description of madness.

A psychoanalytical condition of confronting the realities of life: that existence is meaningful only when you give out more and take in less.

It isn't desperation or revenge. It is in my general heretical undertstanding of accepting "things as they are".

A paradox of philosophy?

So what does it mean in "practical terms"?

It simply means that we should like to deposit a little of our being in the merest of human existence -- as a symbol of charity*.

To do that, we just need to imagine what it meant to be an artist in a cave more than 70,000 years ago.

The artist had a rock canvas.

He found an implement, some dye, and left a mark.

Fast forward to today.

There isn't any short of implements, dyes, referent artists and works. 

(Sadly, we acknowledge that there are still so many art that is stored privately and discreetly that the world will never be able to see them).

Now, imagine, if we had a Michelangelo on our own dome? At the same time, let us imagine quickly and reflect: 

"What if at some point in our lives, we were presented with a wooden box as a canvas for our thoughts, emotions and ideas to be represented as a visual illustration?"

"To do as we please?"

"What if we were given the resources and the artist's favourite colouring board to mix all the colours together and all we needed to do was draw?

#YBA is a project that allows this to happen. 

The curious thing about art is that it has a beginning but it knows no end.

We, on the other hand, know our end.


More on #YBA can be found on Twitter at #BNDTC, #BNDTCfaq and its related #boxART. 

*Archaeologists and forensic scientists have now confirmed between the centuries of 17th to 19th the existence of viruses that we experience today that provide a new understanding of their impact upon civilization. The discovery of the viruses is the deceased's gift to the mysteries of past viruses. See for example https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/02/science/mummies-smallpox-vilnius-lithuania-crypt.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0 Complement this with https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/07/science/human-fossils-morocco.html?smid=tw-share how the  homo sapien species jaw discovery in Morocco have changed our understanding of our ancestors radically.     

Climb box


Sometimes we forget that boxes can save a life.

But when a life is saved, we forget the instruments that saved that life, remembering always the person who saved that life with the instruments he used to save a life.

I remember one incident where a fugitive had to climb over a barbed fence.

It was her chance for freedom.

There was no rush; no dogs were chasing her.

She saw some boxes around.

It gave her an idea: if she stacked those boxes she could climb and cross the fence.

She gathered the boxes and without any difficulty, climbed over the fence.

I don't know what happened to her to this day and I hoped she found her freedom.

But for an instant, I knew the slight chance of a new life lay beyond a high and dangerous wire fence.

She took a chance to climb because she saw the boxes and in that moment of anxiousness, she found her freedom.

Sometimes, we forget that in the bleakest moments, our lives change because of a box that nobody cares. 

But there is a reason for everything and hindsight tells us that the fugitive could have been at another place where there was no box or boxes, or if there was a box, her mind didn't click.

When professionals save our lives, we should not forget the inventors of their instruments of life saving.

What a wonderful world of unused boxes.  

Young Budding Artist


Create a legend

Support YBA. It's our future to grow box art together from a major source of pure creativity: children in schools.

 “We all were young once. Back then, we remember we can’t even draw a stick figure.” – Ben Nile, boxART BNDTC founder-owner.

Nostalgia won’t last but a record of a child’s most important art work can contribute toward a national registry of budding and talented young artists. 

The mission is to capture the most important moment in that child’s life permanently through digital photography.

How is that possible?

It becomes possible through a project called Young Budding Artist, or YBA for short.

YBA is a national arts program that fosters art creativity through point of innocence: the time when a child is at its most brilliant moment of creativity.

The arts initiative develops a child’s mind in art on box canvas.

It is akin to eureka when a young child’s art contribution is spotted.

It is worth 10,000 AaBb credits which is BNDTC’s equivalent measure of its Corporate/Commonwealth sponsorship program, AaBb. 

“I have to thank YBA because now I am a graphics designer when before, I couldn’t even draw a stick figure,” said a future recipient of YBA’s program.

Your child will remember your contribution as legend.  

BNDTC on Twitter

To find out more about YBA, log on to Twitter and search for #YBA, #boxART, #AaBb, #BNDTC and #BNDTCfaq.

BNDTC on Facebook

Find BNDTC on Facebook at:


BNDTC is on the web

Have you visited us before visiting our Showroom? Please check benniledesignerbox.com and send us a message.


To discuss your requirement on how to participate in BNDTC's community program, YBA, please checkout #AaBb, Adopt-a-BNDTC-box below.

Adopt a BNDTC box, AaBb


"It doesn't take a genius to know a box. But it takes a genius to overcome a box." -- Ben Nile, BNDTC founder-owner.

A box as corporate gift?

A box is ordinary. It is extraordinary but only when we perceived it to be beautiful and functional at the same time.

Debut BNDTC.

BNDTC produces make-ready canvas for box art.

BNDTC's products are engineered to last.

However, they need your support to make them beautiful and adorn everyone's life experience.

How do businesses and individuals help?

You can become a corporate, business or private contributor to BNDTC’s box canvas.

AaBb Membership

 AaBb’s membership is open as follows:

  • Corporate/Commonwealth Sponsor = 10,000 BoxArt Units (National)
  • Business/Company Sponsor = 1,000 BoxArt Units (Regional)
  • Local/Independent Sponsor = 500 BoxArt Units (Local)
  • Individual/Private Sponsor = 250 BoxArt Units (Open)  

Become an AaBb member and support YBA

YBA is a community-based program that engages with local schools to produce box art to be exhibited on-line and roadshows. Proceeds are shared with the school and community. A database of the artist's work is stored permanently. 


BNDTC’s products are made from locally sourced pine wood. They are manufactured under strict quality conditions and abide by organic criteria. Each BNDTC canvas is unique because its design process is engineered to achieve the highest aesthetic criterion. BNDTC’s boxes act as canvas for artists. It is traditionally handcrafted using dovetail joinery. BNDTC outsources its design to schools through its YBA program. BNDTC’s boxes are also suitable for corporate gifts, special occasions and commissioned works.



BNDTC Releases its Products to Public

BNDTC is pleased to announce immediate availability of clean, fine sanded, wood canvas for budding artists of all ages. BNDTC's wood canvas come in a variety of lengths and finishes, and include panels, unenclosed dovetailed boxes and unenclosed dovetailed raw boxes. All BNDTC wood canvas come in a standard width format. For enquiries, please call or SMS directly. BNDTC can also be found at benniledesignerbox.com. Price starts at $20.00 for 900mm X 150mm X 12mm panel.


BNDTC Issues its First UNOFFICIAL Press Release

Mayor of City of Melton Contributes to BNDTC Open-to-Public Event   

The city of Melton, Councillor Mayor Sophie Ramsey visited BNDTC's Open To Public event Saturday and made an initial contribution toward a proposed Young Budding Artist project.

Conceived by craftsperson, Ben Nile, the Young Budding Artist or YBA is a prototype project that promotes conservation of wood through schools and communities via wood art.

"We were so excited when Mayor Cr Ramsey attended our event at short notice. Being a new venture, her attendance representing the City of Melton, speaks volume for her participation when she made an initial contribution toward our project, especially the YBA project" said Ben Nile.

YBA project involves the participation of schools in nominating their best students who have the most potential to become professional artists.

Each rotational calendar, a set of semi-finished boxes that feature dovetailing technique, is sent and collected from schools.

When illustrated the boxes are finished, recorded and uploaded to benniledesignerbox.com, a website he created as a platform to promote the concept of traditional dovetailed boxes.

"The idea is to form a registry of budding young artists who are at their most prime in their creativity" added Ben Nile.

Echoing this sentiment, Cr Mayor Ramsey said that the infant project, "provides an opportunity to our young artists to define their student career path that will expand on their current educational interests.

"We look forward to working with Ben Nile and his novel project, Ben Nile Dovetail Creations that in future partnerships with Melton City Council, we create the links to further community participation" she added.

BNDTC opened its doors to the public on Saturday to display its first collection of 70 dovetail designed boxes that combined traditional jointing technique with modern versions of art expression on wood as a canvas.

-- For further details about BNDTC, please contact Ben Nile directly at 0498671256. He is also available at bndtc@outlook.com and WhatsApp.

-- Note to Editors

This press release is solely the responsibility of BNDTC's corporate office. No such endorsement is implied by the italicised attributions in the draft copy to the Mayor's office submitted on June 05, 2017.


BNDTC launches its first community program: FREE boxART

Sunday, October  28, 2017 marks a milestone in BNDTC's business development as it launches its first community engagement program. The program aims to invite local residents and publics to try their hand at boxART. See the following story about FREE boxART and why it benefits artists.

FREE boxART Every Sunday


What is boxART?

boxART is a concept invented by BNDTC to promote art through the medium of wood canvas, also known as "art-ready dovetailed boxes" made by BNDTC.

Traditionally, art was patronised by the wealthy and elites of the period.

Nowadays, art is common practice by anybody who desires to express through art. Art is still largely painted on canvas.

boxART replicates the tradition of art by allowing artists another medium to paint thus expanding the artist's choice in the selection of art medium.

It also expands the artist's portfolio to a medium that is novel and practical at the same time.

boxART aims to support artists' work by giving artists an opportunity to explore another medium to increase visibility of their present work among a different demographic profile.

boxART's advantage over canvas is the modularity of the wood canvas as a preferred choice of medium for artists in their work. 

Wood canvas offers a uniform base for the creation of art in different formats thus adding to the wood's appeal to display art in boxART form.

The most prominent feature of boxART is its potential to grow as an art form that is affordable, practical and sensible at the same time.

It also helps artists to promote the use of wood on a sustainable basis thus adding to the repertoire of modern wood conservation trends and effort.

It is BNDTC's goal to promote boxART to potential artists so it becomes as popular as traditional canvas either by complementing canvas or opening another avenue of medium expression.

Why is BNDTC's FREE boxART free?

FREE boxART is a logical development of BNDTC's concept of boxART. It is a product and brand that aims to promote boxART to the market through active participation of artists. It allows an opportunity for artists to test the new medium of wood to expand their work while at the same time inviting artists to experiment with new art forms.

It is BNDTC's policy to actively engage with the community to promote boxART. Therefore, FREE boxART was conceived as a natural outcome of boxART.

FREE boxART offers artists an activity to spend their Sundays with their family and friends learning about art and wood in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment.

Additionally, FREE boxART encourages its participants to consider wood canvas made by BNDTC as their preferred choice of medium to begin art because it is affordable, fun and practical at the same time.  

How do I enrol into FREE boxART?

Starting October 29, 2017, FREE boxART is open to everyone every Sunday. Enrolment is via an enquiry form at the beginning of this website or by calling +614 98 67 56.

Confirmation-of-Attendance is sent to participants by email providing the location, date and time.

Bookings are essential because of seating space limitations. Art materials are available at the meeting.